Monday, 3 October 2011

"Personal Media Day" - Monday 3rd October


This morning I spent 45 minutes to read daily newspapers on the iPad, based on subscription. These titles include the Finnish dailies Helsingin Sanomat and Turun Sanomat, as well as The Times of London. All these titles I have subscribed to. The leading regional daily Turun Sanomat today introduced its hyperlocal news pilot, where the content is co-created by the inhabitants of Port Arthur, an old part of town near the harbor. News on this can be found in Finnish at Port Arthur Hyperlocal News.

On the way to work at Åbo Akademi University I listened to local news for 15 minutes (YLE Åboland). Upon arriving at the University I quickly checked for latest news on the mobile apps on my iPhone (HS, TS mobile news).


Following lunch break I had a brief overview of financial news headlines on the Website of and Financial Times at This was no more than 10 mins.

In the afternoon I was lecturing in B2B Marketing on creating value in partner networks. Following the lecture I spent some time reading literature relating to my research on my iPad (Book 30 min). I then answered to a couple of messages in LinkedIn (5 mins) and congratulating some friends and business associated for their new appoints on Facebook (5 mins) and the MTV3 website MTV3 Anne Valsta & Leena Majander Reenpää to lead WSOY Book Publishers owned by Bonnier.


On my way home I listened to radio again - YLE Vega Åboland - for some 20 minutes. As it coincided I heard an interview with our lecturer Kim Holmberg talking about the new features of Facebook and the apparent threats to privacy spotted by the Interviewer. At home I cooked dinner to our family and listened to some music on iTunes to relax. After dinner I read newspapers in print for approx. 25 minutes. These are daily newspapers I subscribe to e.g. Turun Sanomat, Salon Seudun Sanomat and Helsingin Sanomat (only on iPad). I usually also read the local daily newspapers Åbo Underrättelser, however, that newspaper is only published 5 days a week from Tuesday to Saturday - so that follows tomorrow.

Later in the evening I watched TV for less than 30 minutes including news on MTV3. At the same time I checked my Facebook and Google+ feeds and found some interesting info on Mashable, the social media web site in the New York Times Mashable has clout!

At bedtime I usually read a book to relax: This week the book is a self-biography written by Karin Ehrnrooth. Bedtime reading for approx. 20 mins.

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