Tuesday, 4 October 2011

"Personal Media Day" - Tuesday 4th October


This morning I spent 45 mins reading the morning newspapers on my iPad: Helsingin Sanomat, Turun Sanomat and The Times. Also read some on-line news on the iPad, for me this is by far the most convenient way. At our home the morning papers are read by my wife. The paper edition of Åbo Underrättelser will be read in the evening. I also had a quick look at new FB and Google+ posts before rushing to the university for a morning meeting. On the way I listened to local news on the radio - YLE Vega Åboland for 20 mins.


A rather busy day, no time for any media consumption in the afternoon. Preparing meetings and a lecture for tomorrow. Had a quick 5 min look to see latest topics in my Google+ and Twitter stream.


At home following a late meeting at 6 p.m. I just learned that a close acquaintance, a former colleague has just been diagnosed for dancer. This was quite unexpected and shocking news. No appetite nor interest for any world or local news for the moment. I will go outdoors instead, take in some fresh air and enjoy my son's football match later this evening.

Following the football match I read the local newspaper Åbo Underrättelser for 15 mins and watched MTV3 news & sports for 20 mins on TV. Read my book of the week for 15 mins before going to sleep.

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