Wednesday, 5 October 2011

"Personal Media Day" - Wednesday 5th October


Woke up early, read my daily news (HS, TS, The Times) on the iPad and also ÅU local newspaper. This took approx. 45 mins, then I quick 5min update of my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Apple's launch of the iPhone 4S seems to be sleigh disappointment judging by media comments e.g. in the Financial Times I think I will be fine with my iPhone 4 and will just upgrade it to iOS5 when available.

On the way to the university I listened to local news on the radio (15 mins). Upon arrival I just checked the latest news headlines on the HS iPhone App (2 mins).


No lunch today - no lunchtime media consumption. Instead a read some news on the web sites of and including an interesting comment on media related issues concerning our former Prime Minister and Presidential candidate Mr. Paavo Lipponen. A good point made by Johanna Korhonen in this column, which I shared in Facebook, Google + and Twitter "Media ja moka". Time spent 20 mins altogether including writing this blog post.


Had a late meeting in town and then relatives visiting at home. Media consumption was limited to some 30 mins spent on different Media Apps on my iPad, including news and the social media news App Mashable. Watched and read MTV3 news on the iPad, too. Then 15 mins of bedtime reading of my book of the week.

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