Thursday, 6 October 2011

"Personal Media Day" - Thursday 6th October


This morning's breaking news was the death of Apple's visionary founder and leader Steve Jobs. Woke up early at 6 am Finnish time, and the news was everywhere as I opened my iPad: in all newspaper headlines, all social media sites and widely on the Web. Apple pays a tribute on their home page where people can leave their condolences. A simple b/w page sharing the memory of Apple's leader.

My writing on the Apple page is as follows: "RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for all your visionary work, you changed the digital world for us. Deepest condolences to the family and everyone at Apple. I can honestly say that Apple under the leadership of Steve Jobs has changed the way I and my family consume media. The ease of use of Apple devices and the ecosystem of services based on Apps has really been a major innovation. In many ways Apple has reinvented the way we communicate, listen to music, read and share content." Steve Jobs is widely remembered on the web, and information is shared on every social media site there is, also by the US President and top managers in business, generally people from every walk of life. Here is an example from Mashable how people remember Steve Jobs on Twitter. There are also many links to Steve Jobs' legendary quotes Steve Jobs quotes and performances Magical moments.

Other morning news were quickly read on the iPad, however, the above news overshadowed the rest of the topics. I spent nearly 1 hour and 30 mins on all the reading on the iPad and sharing on the web this morning. Next I'm off on a morning train to Helsinki.


On the train to Helsinki I spent some 30 mins reading more commentary on Apple and Steve Jobs. On my BBC News App there was a short video clip in tribute of Steve Jobs BBC News. The relevance of design was highlighted in a commentary in Forbes about how Steve Jobs changed the life of every designer,with a focus on usability Yves Béhar in Forbes

Arriving in Helsinki at lunch time, checking my social media accounts (FB, Google+ & Twitter) - 5 mins. In the afternoon all time was spent at meetings.


On the train back home I had the time to read some more. After a quick glance at today's news headlines I went back to one of my favorite magazines - Wired - for its complete package on the life and achievements of Steve Jobs. Respect. A fantastic piece of writing by Steven Levy and an elegant "cover page" by Wired. The same classy style as with Apple products - this article is well worth reading including some video footage in Tribute of Steve jobs. "An exceptional life cut short".

At home there was this feeling of just having read enough for today. Turned on some music in iTunes to relax, listening to classical music and some tunes by The Beatles - Let it be.

Late in the evening I came back to the news and downloaded The Times special iPad edition. A remarkable tribute to Steve Jobs from the Publisher of probably the best tablet issue of any news media in the world. In the foreword the Editor commented that "the launch of the iPad was a big moment because, after 225 years, The Times had finally started publishing on something other than paper". Steve Jobs comment was: "That's very good but it needs to be quicker".

The visionary man will always be remembered for how he changed our world and for his legendary quotes - "Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful... that’s what matters to me." 

RIP - Rest in peace.

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