Friday, 7 October 2011

"Personal Media Day" - Friday 7th October


Woke up this morning a bit tired, read Helsingin Sanomat on the iPad for 15 mins. This morning I took some time (approx. 20 mins) to read the printed newspapers, namely Turun Sanomat and Åbo Underrättelser for some local news. On the way to the university listened to radio again for local news - YLE Vega Åboland.

Compared with yesterday there are no big world news, just bits of interesting items on a local level. For financial news I checked on the web.


Had a quick look at News Apps on my mobile during the lunch break (HS, IS, TS). The afternoon was spent with research related reading and writing, so there was no time left over for media consumption. At the end of the afternoon I spent 10 mins going through social media accounts (FB, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter).


TGIF! On a Friday night my media consumption differs from most evenings during the week. Listened to music on my iMac at home for more than an hour while preparing something to eat. Watched a Euro football match Finland vs. Sweden on YLE2 channel on TV, for 2 hours altogether. Spent some time approx. 20 mins in social media networks (FB, Google+ and Twitter). Some bedtime reading.

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