Saturday, 8 October 2011

"Personal Media Day" - Saturday 8th October


Woke up at 8 am and read the newspapers (HS, TS) on my iPad for 30 mins, then the local daily Åbo Underrättelser on paper (15 mins). Looked up my social media accounts and found some interesting topics in my Google+ stream, which I shared and commented on, regarding journalism and co-creation of content, reading on different platforms and how to get paid for content on different platforms (paper vs. tablets) (Hesarin päätoimittaja kommentoi - in Finnish). See link for Google+ posts shared by the blogger.

Watched a podcast produced by Wired on my iMac Gadget Lab Podcast - Wired remembers Steve Jobs.


Read some magazines on paper in the afternoon, weeklies like Talouselämä and Suomen Kuvalehti (30 mins). 


Attended the "Merkurius" gala dinner in the evening. A festive evening in the company of some friends and a lot of people from business life. No more media consumption this evening, returned back home late in the evening.

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