Sunday, 9 October 2011

"Personal Media Day" - Sunday 9th October


A nice and easy Sunday morning, stayed in bed to read the "Sunday papers" on my iPad, i.e. Helsingin Sanomat, Turun Sanomat and The Sunday Times (not all of its supplements, though, just the Sunday Magazine and Sports). This is probably the best iPad app there is for news including rich media and on-line features. I've been enjoying this App for 6 months now, it's really well done with good content.
I spent 1 hour 30 mins reading including Hufvudstadsbladet (HBL) newspaper in print. I also intend to subscribe to HBL on the iPad, now that it's available.


My turn to cook Sunday lunch for the family after a long walk in the sun. Enjoyed cooking Beef Teriyaki while listening to some music on iTunes. Had a nice family lunch with my mother joining in the conversation. Had a quick look at some items on the iPad after coffee. Then off to my son's football match.


Listening to some music on my iMac while I wrote the last few lines of this blog. Sunday evenings are usually spent reading or watching some programme TV. This Sunday evening, however, was spent on some work preparing for next week.
At bedtime I read my book for 20 mins, still some way to go until the end.

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